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About My Work

About my work

I love the work that I do. So much so, that I chose to pursue my career again after moving to Canada. I received my degree in Psychology from the Universidad de Chile in 2011, where I practiced as a psychologist for two years. After moving to Canada in 2013, I completed my Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta. Now I am a registered psychologist working in Edmonton.

After graduation, I began work as an Adult Therapist at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE), where I currently work full-time as a counsellor for survivors of sexualized violence. I also run a small private practice on Fridays, supporting people with issues of shame, self worth, anxiety, PTSD, and relatioship problems.

Issues and Perspectives

Self-exploration: process-oriented interventions, mindfulness; awareness of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations; creating meaning out of experiences.

Self-worth, shame (e.g., having a harsh inner voice, feelings of rejection, experiences of fat-phobia or other social issues): re-parenting strategies, self-compassion, self-soothing.

Trauma: grounding techniques, self-soothing techniques, psychoeducation, mindfulness-based and body-based interventions.

Anxiety: self-soothing and grounding techniques, self-talk and self-instructions, process-oriented interventions.

Feminist perspective: psychoeducation, learning to navigate and challenge systems, advocacy strategies; understanding the effects of systems on the person; aiming to address power differential in session.

Attachment-based therapy: I view the therapeutic relationship as analog to a secure base from which the client can explore, learn, and change.

Body image: My perspective is based on the concepts of body positivity, body diversity, and body politics. My philosophy generally aligns with HAES and Intuitive Eating. I see fatphobia as a sociopolitical issue.

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