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In my mind, relationships are everywhere. They are, I think, the way our connection to ourselves and the world gets articulated. When we use our relationships as information, we can bring in understanding and choice to our lives. To do this, I use myself, my training, and my experience to help you explore, understand, and change your relationships.

How to work on relationships

Whichever type of relationship you’re hoping to explore, I like to approach it in similar ways. To me, it’s all about asking the right questions: what do you feel, when you’re connecting? What are your automatic thoughts? What do you think it all means? Do you get fulfillment out of that relationship? What are your beliefs? How does your history help understand what you’re experiencing today? Does this relationship feel safe enough for you to be vulnerable? How much of your authenticity are you sacrificing to maintain this relationship? Do your relationships make you feel nourished?

We can answer these questions in many ways. Some of my favourites have to do with expanding your awareness to include different aspects of your inner world. What do your thoughts, feelings, and body tell you about your relationships? We can use conversations, experiments, props, and explore our therapeutic relationship. To create change in these, we may challenge automatic thoughts and feelings by using your adult mind, use re-parenting strategies, or work with your inner child.

In working to help you have a healthier relationship with yourself and your world, I will try to use myself to your benefit. We get to practice new ways of being in the world in session, which then you can take out into your life.

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