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Consuelo Arriagada, M.Ed., Psychologist

Edmonton Counselling for Anxiety, Self-Worth, and Relationships

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It’s tough living in a world that makes it seem like you can’t ever be good enough. It can make you feel anxious and alone, worrying about how to navigate relationships, whether it’s okay to ask for what you need, or whether you’ll be rejected for saying what you think. It can seem like you have to be perfect, have everything under control, or your life and relationships will fall apart. It’s so exhausting. And what are you supposed to do with your emotions? No one has taught you what to do with them, but you’ve learned that people expect you to hide them; ignore them. The world can be a difficult place and we all need to feel safe, but how can you feel safe when you can’t be who you are? We all crave unconditional acceptance, and I trust you do too.

At Seaglass Psychology, I can help you heal your relationship with yourself and others, and the way these have been shaped by low self-worth, anxiety, and trauma. I will try to build a great therapeutic bond with you, and to make you feel safe enough to both laugh and work through difficult emotions. My goal in our work together is to help you have a joyful, fulfilling life, in whatever shape makes sense to you.

I work from a feminist, multicultural, and intersectional perspective, with adults of all backgrounds. However you identify, I aim to make the space I work in safer and affirming for all folxs. I welcome clients of any gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, and body size. Polyamorous clients welcome. I am a kink-aware therapist.

I invite you to look around my website to learn more about me and about what I do.

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