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Privacy Policy

What information do I collect?

I only use your Personal Information, including your email address, phone number, or both, for the purposes you have consented to and as set out in my privacy policy.  Any and all information I collect and use is treated in a way that is consistent with the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists, the Standards of Practice, and PIPA regulations.

Confidentiality notice

Once we have begun working together, I keep a file in which I collect private information, progress notes, and copies of our communications, for the purpose of continuity of care and responsible care. You should know that any emails, calls, or texts I receive from you, and any responses that I send to you, become a part of your legal record.

It is a good idea to avoid sharing confidential information about therapy through email or text. I encourage you to think about these tools as a way to update each other about scheduling and administrative issues, and not to discuss the content of the therapeutic process.

Please be mindful that I work with a part-time assistant. As it’s necessary for the scope of their work, they have access to my calendar and my clients’ contact information. They also will be able to read most of the emails you and I exchange. Having said that, any emails you send directly to me will remain private until I decide that it is safe to request my assistants’s support. They will only engage with you for scheduling or other administrative purposes. They will never have access to your progress notes, and I will never discuss the content of our therapeutic sessions. For your consideration, I have asked my assistant to sign a confidentiality agreement, and they have expressed their understanding of their limitations in this regard.

Due to the nature of technology and the internet, and despite my best efforts, it is impossible for me to guarantee the full privacy of your information. Just like someone could hypothetically break every lock to gain access to my office, someone could break every encryption wall and gain access to your information. To prevent this, I have taken steps to minimize the risk of using online services to the best of my abilities.  Please read the next section for more information.

Technology Use

In administering my practice, I make use of a web-based practice management system to store and manage my client records and communications. This includes information such as client appointments, billing documents, session notes, contact details, and other client-related information and documents. Additionally, I use Google’s G Suite as a productivity and communications platform. I use an internet-facilitated phone service, as well. To access the internet, I use password-protected devices.
Some of the steps I have taken to address and minimize risk include the use of Anti-Virus, Firewalls, and strong passwords. I have also looked into Privacy Policies, Encryption Policies, and have signed Business Associate Agreements where possible with my different providers. To my current understanding, all services I use are encrypted. I also review my policies regularly and update as needed. If I were ever to learn that there has been a breach in my systems, and according to PIPA regulations, I would inform you in a timely manner.

How is the information used?

Any information you provide to me will be kept confidential, and is not used or disclosed for purposes other than those set out herein, nor is this information shared with third parties unless I have reasonable grounds to believe a minor or other vulnerable people are at risk, that you are in immediate danger of harm to yourself or others, or if my files are subpoenaed by court or the WCB.

I do keep track of user visits using standard web server traffic logs for my own internal statistics gathering processes; these are anonymous to the best of my knowledge. Any data that is logged through your use of this website is used by me to determine website usage statistics, such as page views and clicks, in order to improve and personalize my web site layout, content and services, and for the purpose of advertising and marketing.


This website may contain links to other sites. Please be aware that I, Consuelo Arriagada, am not responsible for the privacy practices of other such sites. I encourage my visitors to be aware when they leave my site and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by this website and my professional practice.

Privacy policy and changes

This Privacy Policy is subject to change as I, Consuelo Arriagada, continue to modify and improve my practices and policies in order to serve the privacy interests of my users.

Further questions or concerns

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